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For further information: EBS consulting s. Chiuso in tipografia Printing End-Line Praga chiama Italia Illustration: Prague calls Italy 5. All of course in the case of no surprises, because Sobotka will definitely want to confirm his reputation as a political bulldog with seven lives. Turning the page, the recent death of Fidel Castro has offered us a chance to retrace the vicissitudes that characterized his relationship with Prague, once very close, before the total detachment following Another issue that caught our attention in this issue, was the recent initiative of the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce in Prague to launch the web portal Lavoro.

An inspired idea highlighting, among other things, the growing imbalance in this field between the two countries: We highlight, among other topics, the pages dedicated to the recent Prague visit of Vittorio Storaro, the legendary Italian cinematographer, a three-time Oscar winner, who arrived in Prague for a lecture and an exhibition of his photographs. Ma andiamo con ordine. With these clear concepts, just after the October elections, Sobotka started. These are the cards being played by Sobotka that, presumably, he will play from now till the autumn elections. But first things first.

Tutti i sondaggi gli sono avversi ma il mastino Sobotka vuole confermarsi politico dalle sette vite. His focus is workers, taxes and economic growth, while trying to confirm himself as a reliable partner for Brussels. Sobotka ha chiesto direttamente un aumento. Soon after the October electoral defeat, Sobotka counterattacked politically, showing to be, for example, more proactive on the taxation issue. He also hinted at a possible return to progressive tax rates for individuals, whilst for companies, he has demanded an increase in tax rates for large enterprises, primarily banks, telecom operators and large energy companies.

On this last front, however, the prime minister did not wait long before delivering a sensational blow: Sobotka has directly asked for an increase in salaries, in order to reduce the difference between the level of salaries that the group pays in Western countries. Obviously, Sobotka cannot oblige Ahold, the owner of the Albert supermarkets, to increase salaries, but his stance has placed the spotlight once more on a strong argument of the election campaign in the Country, where salaries and purchasing power are still far below the EU average.

According to the unions, the staff at the Albert supermarkets in the Czech Republic —particularly cashiers and shop assistants — earn about 13, crowns a month, around euro, compared to a national average salary of about one thousand euro. After the election slip in which the Social Democrats gained only two of the 27 seats at stake, the March congress party meeting sees Sobotka as sole candidate, together with the deputy chairman, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec. The latter is pressing, above all, for Sobotka to attenuate his contrasts with President Zeman, also indicating the possibility that the Social Democratic.

Despite the rhetoric of a number of internal members, who attacked. Il premier in questi ultimi tempi si è trovato a parare anche altri tipi di attacchi, come nel caso dei presunti soldi cinesi che finanzierebbero il suo partito. Sarebbe questo il motivo per il quale sia il Castello che il premier si stanno mostrando tanto disponibili verso Pechino.

E questo spiegherebbe. Ultimo fronte da non sottovalutare per le sette vite di Sobotka è quello internazionale. Lately, the prime minister has also had to ward off other types of attacks, as in the case regarding the Chinese money, that allegedly has been used to finance his party. This is supposed to be the reason why both the Castle and the prime minister have been willing to help Beijing. And this would also explain the immediate reaction last October on the part of both Zeman and Sobotka who censored the meeting in Prague between the Minister of Culture, the Christian Democrat Daniel Herman and the Dalai Lama.

On the Central-East Europe chessboard, the Czech prime minister remains one of the leaders that Europe knows it can rely on. This is a point in favour of the prime minister who has thus earned the approval of Brussels. Changing the guard of the country, in a populist sense, might modify this balance and render the V4 block even more subversive within the already fragile European balance, a circumstance that the EU would certainly not appreciate. However, as we very well know, it is the Czech citizens who have to vote and the voice of Brussels is not always well heard at these latitudes, not even in Prague.

Fidelitas — a company that is specialized in real estate, condominium and corporate management — has been operating on the Czech market for over twenty years. A multi-lingual internal structure provides valuable assistance and safeguard to clients in real estate development, with assistance services for the establishment, management and liquidation of companies, the drawing up of rent and sales contracts, funding requests, real estate subdivision and management of contacts with tenants and public offices. Operativa nel settore edile. Specializzata in ristrutturazioni di edifici storici, residenziali, nuove costruzioni civili e industriali.

Il giusto mix tra personale ceco e italiano. Active in the Czech Republic in the construction industry since The company is specialized in the renovation of historic and residential buildings, as well as new civil and industrial constructions. Oggi il Gruppo, con sede principale a Praga, comprende imprese che offrono servizi integrati per lo sviluppo immobiliare di aree industriali, commerciali e residenziali. The Ponte Carlo Group is a solid reality of qualified companies, that has been operating in the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia since in real estate, construction, industrial and service sector. The Group, with its headquarters in Prague, now includes companies that offer integrated services for the real estate development of industrial, commercial and residential areas.

It proposes itself as a qualified partner for the development, implementation and management of investments. The company Architectural Consulting, founded in , is one of the most important leaders in the real estate and design sectors in the Czech Republic. Compared to other operators, the company owns all the properties on offer and this is a guarantee in terms of investment security and the lengths of time involved.

Services offered include not only the purchase and sale of the real estate, but also their design, their rent, legal advice, and the real estate management. Karlova 19 00 Praha 1 tel. Si tratta del portale Lavoro. Il motivo principale dietro questa iniziativa è presto detto: It is the Lavoro. The main reason behind this initiative. On the one hand, in Italy opportunities are limited and this is echoed by the forced emigration, especially of young people; on the other hand, the Czech Republic is even short of workers. For this reason, we believe that the new portal will give some extra weapons to Italian companies. We are currently still implementing some management tools of the portal and from January we will increase the communication part.

For the moment it is being used mostly by members of the Chamber itself, while the external adverts are still in the minority. We asked him what the first. Italian emigration for work continues to rise, hence the launch of the Lavoro. Gli abbiamo chiesto quali sono stati i primi feedback delle aziende coinvolte. A livello di posizioni,. Lo stesso nel settore ho. In terms of positions, we get good results in the services sector, especially in Prague, where the demand for profiles with the Italian is consistent. The same in the ho. While it is less effective for trades such as construction workers, drivers or forklift operators.

In the colorful world of European intercultural work, the question is also whether there are areas where Italian workers are preferred. If anything, for language reasons and common mentality. But often in the Italian-owned companies, there are not so many Italians because the work language with suppliers and customers is Czech, so the majority of them are Italian. Diverso è per il settore manifatturiero e figure base, come gli operai. Poeti, santi, navigatori La home page del portale Lavoro.

It is different for the manufacturing sector and basic trades, such as construction workers. In other words, it would be unlikely for an Italian, even in difficulty, to become a factory worker in the Czech Republic under the same conditions in which migrants are taken much more cheaply, such as the workforce coming from the East, particularly from Ukraine. Mariani declined. For trade figures, for example, the supply to the local market is poor while the demand is very high: For this, the main sector in which Italians manage to enter and integrate more easily is catering, followed by Italian multinational companies, or foreign companies with Italian departments.

Many Italian graduates find their way into these. It requires constant commitment and good management. However, if the service will be able to establish itself on the net, it can only be useful to users with CVs that boast the fourth most studied language in the world, in the Czech heart of Europe. Poets, saints, sailors and The Czech Republic is a. Si tratta anche di gente alla ricerca di un lavoro qualunque. Di un futuro sereno. The wages are also growing although still limited compared to the EU average, with the average salary in December being 27, crowns, 4.

Regarding economic trends one could continue to discuss them further, but often to the detriment of Italy. What remains before our eyes besides numbers and equations, is that Italians have started to leave the boot in search of work. It is also about people looking for any job, and a serene future. According to estimates from the Migrantes report, in the past year alone there were more than 75, Italians.

In addition to these we must consider also all the migrants who decided to keep their residence in Italy, thanks to the ease of moving around within the Union. The number of Czech citizens who have left their country in the past year, however, is only four thousand. Even taking into account the obvious differences the Italian population is six times larger , there is no comparison.

Perhaps it would be enough to say that the Czech Republic is coping well. The last edition of the Expat Explorer Survey, an HSBC report on the best countries to move to, puts the country in fourth place in the world ranking of countries preferred by expats a term. A prestigious award, based on a set of criteria, the impact on the family life to job prospects, the services and the social environment.

The thousands of Italians travelling in Europe have undoubtedly discovered the beautiful Czech life; at least those Italians who manage to leave behind their stereotypical hatred for the continental climate, the peak of that intolerance of being an Italian abroad colliding with a more than difficult language, or a cuisine lightyears away from the Mediterranean flavours, experiencing the distance and nostalgia, getting familiar with colder. Forse basterebbe dire che si sta bene Repubblica Ceca. Superati i fastidi e le incertezze, chi si accontenta, o chi si adatta, gode.

Il 14 ottobre scorso, qualche giorno dopo il lancio di Lavoro. Once the hurdles and uncertainty have been overcome, those who make do, or adapt, enjoy themselves. Although the majority of our own emigrants still prefer the richer countries, which are more attractive for the wallet in order of preference they are Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland , a good number settle every year in Bohemia and Moravia.

The CAMIC is in a privileged position to rightfully observe this phenomenon, and the attention to this revolt. On the other hand, the use of the Italian language for working abroad is part of the national interests. On October 14 last year, a few days after the launch of Lavoro. From the idyllic life of the s, to the post grudges. The history of relations between Havana and Prague, from when Fidel Castro came to power, until his death, possesses the stereotypical aspects of a great romance turned sour. After all, it could not end otherwise, given the changes on the banks of the Vltava following , and the Velvet Revolution.

The idyllic situation of the past, however, is now. Along the same lines the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka continued: Sulla stessa linea il premier Bohuslav Sobotka: In this regard, it is worth remembering that in , even though it was just two years away from the historic crisis of the Soviet missiles in Cuba, the attitude of Cuban authorities towards the USSR was still very cautious. Castro at that time did not plan to become a satellite state of Moscow, perhaps also being aware of how its people were permeated with anti-communism.

From this point of view, it is quite likely to think that in those early months after the Castro revolution, the Embassy of the smaller and less intrusive Czechoslovakia, was operating in Cuba as a long arm of Moscow. The fact is that the relationship between El Comandante and the Czechs. Non di rado la sua segretaria chiamava mia moglie chiedendole se El Comandante poteva fermarsi da noi a cena in residenza. Bionde a parte, i rapporti fra Cuba e la Cecoslovacchia cominciarono allora ad essere veramente strettissimi. His secretary called my wife quite frequently, and asked her if El Comandante could stop by to have dinner at the residence. Another passion of Fidel, of course, was for the fairer sex, blondes in particular,.

Blondes aside, relations between Cuba and Czechoslovakia then began to become really close. For the new Caribbean regime and its survival, the aid that arrived from Prague was revealed. Contemporaneamente, furono numerosissimi gli studenti cubani che vennero ospitati in Cecoslovacchia, grazie alle borse di studio concesse dal governo di Praga. Gli aiuti in quel periodo erano anche di altro tipo. Solo la Primavera di Praga e i primi segnali di allontanamento dal dogma.

Dai del il loro numero scese due anni dopo ad appena On the right, he receives a Laurea honoris causa from Charles University. Czechoslovakia, clearly of Soviet inspiration, gave a strong contribution also in other forms, collaborating for example with the organization of the armed forces and security services, by sending hundreds of military instructors and other experts. Slovaks arrived. At the same time, there were many Cuban students who were guests in Czechoslovakia, thanks to scholarships granted by the government in Prague. When in the autumn of , Fidel sent his lieutenant Ernesto Che Guevara to Eastern Europe, the first country he visited was Czechoslovakia, where an agreement was signed for the creation of a Zetor tractor factory.

There were also other forms of aid in the period. Czechoslovakia represented Cuba in the United States, the country with which the Castro regime did not then have diplomatic relations. Only the Prague Spring and the early signs of detachment from the Soviet dogma had the effect of undermining the idyllic relations between Fidel and Czechoslovakia. The relationship started to freeze at all levels, and at the beginning of , Cuba began to return its students from Czech universities.

From in , the number of them. Tutto questo prima che la Rivoluzione di velluto, nel , decretasse una svolta radicale nei rapporti fra i due. Words for which perhaps history will absolve him, but many Czech citizens certainly never will. A few months passed before the normalization period arrived in Prague, even regarding relations with the Socialist Republic of the Caribbean Sea. Castro, now reassured, came on a visit to Czechoslovakia three times, greeted always triumphantly by the authorities of the time.

The most significant. Shorter visits took place in and All this was before the Velvet Revolution, in , which decreed a radical shift in relations between the two countries. The situations in which Prague and Havana entered a collision course were inevitable. For example in , when a huge crowd of tens of thousands of Cubans launched a menacing protest in front of the Czech embassy.

The UN had just approved a resolution condemning the. The most glaring clash, however, was in , due to a classic tale of spies or at least presumed spies. In Cuba two very prominent Czech citizens, both close to Havel, Ivan Pilip, a former finance minister, and Jan Bubeník, a former student, anti-Communist activist, ended up in handcuffs. The charge directed at them was to have met the anti-Castro dissidents, and being of US espionage agents arrived in Cuba to finance subversion and destabilization. The two, whose journey to Havana had been inspired and coordinated by the American Freedom House organization, found themselves risking a sentence of twenty years in prison.

For days there was no way to per-. A Cuba finirono. Ivan Pilip, un ex ministro delle Finanze, e Jan Bubeník, un ex studente, attivista anti comunista. Only later, he preferred to take a more concealed position, to avoid, as he himself said, to causing the deal for the release to fail. The negotiations went on for some weeks, and the Czech government tried all possible channels of dialogue.

Cuban leader. The latter was made to stay in the waiting room for a few days, for a never-ending interview, with a fiery tone, lasting seven hours. Eventually Pilip and Bubeník could return home, but not before apologizing to the Cuban people for their journey, which was not particularly appreciated by Fidel. Petr Pithart. The last significant episode of the long distance clash between Castro and Havel, dates back to , when the hero of the Velvet Revolution, no longer President, organized a meeting of the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba in Prague. Havel on the occasion opened the conference with these words: Also on that occasion the reaction of the old revolutionary was irreducible and fiery: Al ballottaggio per il Senato della settimana successiva exploit dei Cristiano democratici del Kdu-Csl, che conquistano nove dei 27 seggi in palio, mentre deludono i candidati di Babis, con solo tre eletti, nonostante fossero in 14 allo scrutinio decisivo.

A comporlo sarà una squadra di venti specialisti. Dovrà ora raccogliere le 50 mila firme di sostegno. Dice di disporre di un patrimonio i milioni di corone e di bilanciarne 50 per la campagna elettorale. Sinora inarrestabile il virus che in pochi mesi colleziona più di contagi, secondo i dati delle autorità di igiene pubblica. Non passa settimana in cui non ne vengano diagnosticati di nuovi. La Robert Bosch è la principale azienda meccanica della Boemia del sud, con 3. Il corrispettivo pagato non viene reso noto. Il corrispettivo fissato è di 4,4 miliardi di corone. Il colosso ceco degli antivirus rileva la maggioranza della società concorrente grazie a un corrispettivo di 1,3 miliardi di dollari.

Le due società cominceranno a essere gestite come una unica compagnia, con un fatturato di più di milioni di dollari, circa 16,8 miliardi di corone e circa milioni di clienti, di cui 58 milioni solo negli Usa. Il direttore generale Vincent Steckler annuncia fra i prossimi obiettivi, quello di fronteggiare la concorrenza cinese e di sviluppare la sicurezza dei telefoni cellulari. A darne comunicazione è la Szdc, società di stato proprietaria delle infrastrutture ferroviarie, la quale attribuisce tale decisione al mancato rispetto da parte di Grandi Stazioni dei termini previsti per completare il restauro.

Si prospetta battaglia legale. Pari a 30 mila mq la superficie commerciale complessiva. Sono sei le compagnie che manifestano interesse a prendervi parte, in vista della realizzazione di nuovi blocchi di produzione. Nel in Repubblica Ceca, sino a fine ottobre, ne sono stati assegnati 3. Ne dà notizia la Urs Praha. La Cina in Repubblica ceca ha già investito circa 23 miliardi di corone, mentre altri 31 miliardi sarebbero in arrivo. Un migliaio gli ospiti stranieri. Le principali banche ceche li annunciano, reagendo in primo luogo alla prossima entrata in vigore, a dicembre, della nuova legge sui crediti al consumo che estende la facoltà di estinzione anticipata dei mutui e che limita la possibilità degli istituti di applicare sanzioni ai clienti.

Incidono poi le istanze della Banca nazionale, che chiede regole più severe per la concessione dei prestiti. Si tratta di una operazione dalla quale potrebbe scaturire un corrispettivo di 50 miliardi di corone. La Rep. Al filosofo e professore universitario viene conferito nel giorno in cui Havel avrebbe compiuto 80 anni. Le giocatrici ceche si aggiudicano la Fed Cup sconfiggendo la Francia per 3 a 2 a Strasburgo. Terza vittoria consecutiva, la quinta in sei anni.

After his studies in Vienna, he lived in Rome and Venice for many years, where he perfected the art of portraiture. The National Technical Museum in Prague celebrates this anniversary with an exhibition, where visitors can review a few clips of the film, admire the Oscar statuette lent by Menzel and the historic draisine Tatra, that can be seen in the film and which is part of the museum collection, as well as models of other common vehicles used at the time of the Protectorate.

On display is also the Morse telegraph and railway signaling devices, costumes and the office stamp from the famous scene in which the protagonist stamps the backside of the telegraph operator. Si tratta della prima mondiale della Sinfonia vocale n. Il 18 febbraio Alvaro Soler si esibisce per la prima volta in Repubblica Ceca. Written on the direct request of the Orchestra musicians, it is based on the text of St. Francis of Assisi. The event, which ends with the ballet Petrushka by Igor Stravinsky, will be broadcast live on Radio Vltava. The event aroused so much interest that the Roxy Club pre-sale tickets were sold out in just a few days, obliging the organizers to move the concert to the Karlín Forum in Prague The program has not been announced yet, but the three thousand spectators will surely have the opportunity to sing along with the Spanish singer El Mismo Sol, the hit that has topped the European and American charts and won several gold and platinum records.

The success of the single, of which he has also recorded a Spanglish version, duetting with Jennifer Lopez, was doubled by the song Sofia, which was never off the air in the summer of and that that has anticipated the release of his debut album, Eterno Agosto. Italian writer and essayist Claudio Magris was in Prague in late October to receive the Franz Kafka Prize assigned to him this year by an international jury.

Lo scrittore italiano è il sedicesimo detentore del premio fondato nel dalla Società Franz Kafka di Praga. Il premio Franz Kafka si conferma quindi il concorso letterario ceco più aperto agli stimoli della produzione letteraria estera. Ma per Magris non si tratta solo di un oggetto di studi o di uno scrittore apprezzato per le sue opere. Non meno profondo il rapporto con Praga. Sebbene Praga non sia una città.

In fondo le due città hanno molti tratti comuni. It is not the first time that Magris has stayed in Prague, but never before had Czech culture made such an important tribute to him. The Italian writer is the sixteenth holder of the award founded in by the Franz Kafka Society in Prague. The Franz Kafka prize has been confirmed to be the Czech literary competition most open to the inspiration of foreign literary production. A trenta anni da Danubio la valutazione sullo stato di salute della Mitteleuropa non è positiva.

For each germanist the author of Metamorphosis is seen as a key writer of the second half of the twentieth century. Yet for Magris, he is not solely an object of study or a writer. The latter is considered by Kafka also as an obstacle to living a full life. Among the Italian writers and scholars, Magris is in fact the most informed about the region of Central Europe, about which the great. The two cities basically have many common traits.

They were both part of the Habsburg Empire, and were cities where great literary talents blossomed, as well as places profoundly affected by the tragic events of the twentieth century. Thirty years on from Danubio The best-known work of Claudio Magris in Italy and in the world is undoubtedly Danubio, the travel novel and diary taking place along the famous river. In the novel Magris traces a variety of locations from the mouth up to the river delta which is one of the symbols of Central Europe, while. This dialectic between cosmopolitanism and. Habsburg Cosmopolitanism, about which Magris often speaks, seemed to have vanished. It is therefore unsurprising, that he is very critical of political choices made in recent years by the central European governments.

Thirty years after Danubio, judgment on the state of affairs in Central Europe has not been positive. The current approach is not just about the position of the central European countries towards individual problems, such as the migrant crisis, but rather their role in European integration. Magris professes to be a long. Joseph Roth e la tradizione ebraico-orientale Sul mercato librario Magris. According to the Italian writer it was necessary first to establish a true European state around the founding countries of the Union and only then move on to the integration of new states.

Claudio Magris has been translated into Czech language since the beginning of the nineties, when in the Odeon publishing house decided to publish his novel Danubio. For a long time this translation was the only book available in Czech from the writer from Trieste. That changed with the arrival of the new century. In , was translated and published the novel Microcosmi, followed by two works of non-fiction The Habsburg myth. Humanity and the world. Joseph Roth and Eastern Jewish tradition Finally in the Czech translation of the novel Blindly came out.

It is also thanks to her and her ability to recreate the postmodern style of Magris in Czech that the books of the Italian writer have always had enjoyed a good reception from the Czech literary critics. On the book market however, Magris was often left in the shadow of another great university professor and novelist, Umberto Eco. The awarding of his first Franz Kafka therefore may help to get the work of Magris better known to Czech readers, that do not specifically follow Italian literature. Many of his books speak mainly of the great themes fundamental to the Czech society such as Central European identity or the experience of communism. Magris however, starts from a point of view from the margins, as Trieste could be at the time of the great Habsburg Empire, able to throw new light on issues, which at first glance might now seem exhausted artistically and intellectually.

As proof of how much the Italian Congregation was appreciated by the local people and its rulers — who granted them various privileges — is the fact. The new and bigger Chapel, that was intended to replace. La nuova cappella, più grande, pensata per sostituire la precedente, avrebbe al tempo stesso accolto i membri per le funzioni religiose e testimoniato, con un segno tangibile, la presenza. It took ten years to complete the Christian temple. Around , thanks to. Then the vault was decorated with paintings and stucco.

La Cappella, costruita in stile italiano, era sormontata da una cupola e progettata a pianta ovale. The building was embellished even more over the years and on August 9th , Monsignor Filippo Spinelli, who was then papal nuncio at the court of Rudolf II, consecrated it to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption, with a solemn ceremony involving all the Italians living in the city, as well as the most important authorities in the Country. The Chapel, which was built according to Italian style, was surmounted by a dome and had an oval-shaped plan. It is interesting to note here that these elliptical-shape central plan churches were to become widespread, above all during the XVII and XVIII centuries and the Chapel of the Italians in the Old Town gained a significant place in the history of architecture, as it is considered the first example of an Italian oval plan chapel in Europe, north of the Alps.

The small church was adorned with a majestic fresco of the Assumption of the Virgin, and later, in , even. On solemn occasions the Divine Offices were celebrated in the Chapel, and since , every 15th of August — during the celebrations of the Virgin — they would publicly and solemnly proclaim the new leaders of the Italian Congregation. In , the temple was enriched with a new and valuable piece of art work: One of these, for example, is the use of the number 7.

Seven, in fact, were. Ma il simbolo degli italiani di Praga ha attraversato periodi difficili. In questo frangente anche gli arredi della Cappella vennero venduti dalla Congregazione per coprire le spese di restauro, ma già dal , sempre per ordine di Giuseppe II, gli uffici divini in questo luogo di culto erano stati quasi del tutto soppressi. Anche the frescoed vaults of the Chapel with the seven joys and sorrows of the Virgin, a number that, not coincidentally, according to religious tradition is the symbol of perfection and the ultimate expression of mediation between the human and the divine.

But, even its position to the East — the place where the Sun rises, and its collocation on the East-West axis of the city, including the position of the entrances and its oval plan — an ancient symbol of the cosmic egg from which the whole universe derives, and sacred in ancient Egypt as well as in Alchemy — are all elements which, from a distant past, still convey a clear message: But this symbol of the Prague Italians went through difficult times. It was damaged during the Thirty Years War in and during the two centuries after its construction, it was subject to several modifications, constant work interventions and maintenance of its spaces, due to various factors such as the frequent floods.

In , it went through a period of great decline fol-. Il 7 giugno , in piena Seconda. However, the Chapel continued to host meetings of the Congregation and remained a. Since then the. Those pointers likewise acted like a good way to be certain that other people have the identical keenness just as my personal own to learn great deal more pertaining to this matter. I needed to draft you one little bit of word to finally give thanks the moment again on your nice ideas you have documented in this case. It has been quite particularly open-handed of you giving freely all that a few individuals could possibly have offered for sale for an electronic book to end up making some dough for themselves, precisely considering that you might have tried it in the event you wanted.

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